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How do I open my Garnet eBook in my web browser?

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This guide is only for students who have been instructed to access their 'Garnet eBook' as part of their course.

Please note: before you can access your eBook, you must first activate your university account and successfully register your details.

More information on how to do this can be found here:

Once you are sure that you have registered, you can follow these steps to access your ebook:

In your email inbox you will now find an email from Garnet. The subject will read:Your new eBook account [Do not reply]- see example below:

Open the email and read the message from Garnet, which will look like this:

Dear Student;

Thank you for signing up to your INTO eBook English for Academic Studies: Listening. Your login details are provided below. You can either access your eBook in your web browser (link provided below) or download one of the Garnet eBook apps. Below are your details:

  • Your username: example email; This is your username
  • Your password: example password This is your password
  • Now you have confirmed your username and password please have them ready for when you login.

The email will contain a link to the eBook, and also where you can download the app for your device.

Login to your Web edition eBook:

Click this picture to open the eBook login page: Click to view the full digital publication online

Or this link:

Login with your username and password.  If you have login issues please make sure you are using the correct username and password.

Please do not use the registration form again.

Once logged in you may wish to bookmark your web edition and save your login credentials if you are not sharing your PC.

Your Web edition eBook will now be displayed:

Your eBook will now be loaded and ready to use.Please remember to Bookmark this page.

Below are the navigational controls found in the eBook Reader:

This is the end of the eBook reader Web Edition Installation guide.

For assistance visit:

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