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[ARCHIVE - Old UK Version] How do I access my National Geographic eBook?

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Please note: Before you can access your National Geographic eBook, please make sure you have fully registered and set up your university account. 

The instructions for how to do this you should have already received.

Once you have set up your account you can follow these steps to access your eBook.

Please see the below video of the instructions:

Access Your National Geographic eBook

To begin, download Bookshelf To Install Vital Source Bookshelf, please click the link below for the device you are using:

Windows Device
iOS Device
Mac OS Devices
Google Android Device
Kindle Device
Google Chromebook Device

The steps shown in the document are based on the PC/Windows version of the process.

Now install Bookshelf When the first screen appears > Click Go To United Kingdom - English:

At the next screen > Click on GET 

A pop-up will appear > Click on Open Microsoft Store

A pop-up will appear > Click on Open Microsoft Store:

At the next screen > Click on Install:

During installation, a progress bar will be displayed on the page – as shown here:

Once installation is complete – Click on Launch:

You will now see the following page. Click on Create an Account:

When the ‘Create a VitalSource Account’ screen appears, please Click on Accept & Close the cookie message at the bottom of the screen:


Note: you can now change the language the account creation process will use. Click on the Language button on the bottom right corner – shown here high-lighted in yellow:

On the screen above fill in your details, as follows:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email - please use your university email address here
  • Now confirm your email address
  • Enter a password – please set a password that is memorable and keep it safe
  • Now confirm your password

You now have to set a Security Question. The options are presented on a dropdown: 

Please choose one from the list, then add you answer in the next box. 

You now need to Tick the ‘I agree to the Terms of Use…..” 

Note: You can read the details presented on the links if you need to. Once you have completed the screen, Click on Create:

A new pop-up will appear, Click on Open VitalSource Bookshelf

You must now redeem the 2 books you have been issued with. To do this you need to enter the 2 codes you have been provided with. These can be found in your Joining Instructions email that was sent to your personal email address. 

The 2 codes are:

  1. for Listening and Speaking and 
  2. Reading and Writing 

See the instructions below:

  • Add your first code 
  • Then Click + Add codes
  • The following pop-up will appear:

  • Now Add your second code
  • Click on Redeem 

The next screen will show the 2 books that you have redeemed – as follows: 

You now need to download the books on to your device.  We recommend that you download the books one at a time.

Point to the book at the top and Click on it You will now see the download progress dial appear as shown below:


Note: This may take minutes depending on your broadband connection – so please be patient Once the book has been downloaded, you will see the confirmation message appear in the top right of you screen that the book has been downloaded. (Note the message then disappears after 30 seconds) 

Now Click on the second book and this too will download Once both books have been downloaded, Click on My Books:

Once the books have been downloaded you will be able to access them and view the content, simply by pointing to and Clicking on the book:

Once the book is open in the reader, you can use the arrows (circled in blue to move the page up / down) The Table of Contents (circled in red) can be pulled out from the left hand side:

We recommend that you pin Bookshelf to your taskbar, so you can easily locate it:

It is best practice to not log out of Bookshelf. Instead click the ‘X’ in the top-right corner and Bookshelf will close. To re-open Bookshelf, Click on the Bookshelf icon on the taskbar. Bookshelf will bring you back to the screen where you closed it from:

If you do logout and then need to log back in; click on the BookShelf icon (or search for it in your search function as ‘Bookshelf’) and load it:

You will then need to log back in using your email address and password created under Point [3] If you have any issues with BookShelf, please contact: There is a Chatbot – bottom right and you can get support from a member of the Student Services team.

The Next Steps: Please open and familiarise yourself with the books and how to access BookShelf. Then, your teachers will take you through the features and functions of the BookShelf eBook Reader at the start of your course to ensure you are fully familiar with the application.

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