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How do I prepare my Apple Mac Computer for my Password exam?

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Before you can take your Password test on your Apple MacOS device, you must first install Chrome then install the ProctorU extension.

To do this, please closely follow thesteps in the guide below - also explained in this video.

How to Prepare a Mac OS Computer for your Password Exam:

Installing Chrome and ProctorU Extension

To take a Password test on a Mac computer you must use Chrome browser with the ProctorU Chrome extension installed. Unless you have the Windows operating system installed on your Mac, in which case you can use either Chrome or Firefox Browser with the ProctorU browser extension installed:

1.) If you don’t already have Chrome installed on your Mac then it can be downloaded and installed from one of these sites:

2.) Once you have Chrome installed on your Mac you must then install the ProctorU Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Store. To do this open one of the below links (using Chrome) and click the ‘Add to Chrome’ button

If you are having difficulty accessing the Google Chrome Store, then please follow these instructions to manually download and install the ProctorU Chrome Extension:

Manually Downloading and Installing ProctorU Extension

Before you begin, check if you have an older version of ProctorU Ver 1.88.0 installed, and if so remove it from Chrome and repeat these steps:

1.) Download the Zip folder containing the ProctorU Chrome extension here: Proctor ver 1.88.0 download.  *please note, this link can sometimes expire. We will try to ensure this is the latest version

2.) Save the Zip folder to your computer 

3.) Unzip the folder as follows: 

  • Right click on the folder 
  • Select ‘Open With’ 
  • Select ‘Archive Utility’

4.) Open Chrome and in the address bar type: chrome://extensions 

5.) In top right-hand corner of the browser window turn on ‘Developer Mode’ 

6.) Press the ‘Load Unpacked’ button and then find and select the unzipped folder containing the ProctorU extension pack from step 3

You should now see ProctorU extension appearing in your Chrome browser

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