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ARCHIVED - Password Test: How do I end Part 1 of the Password Test correctly?

  • INTO City, University of London
  • INTO London
  • INTO Manchester
  • INTO Newcastle University
  • INTO Queens University Belfast
  • INTO University of East Anglia
  • INTO University of Exeter
  • INTO University of Stirling
  • Newcastle University London
  • English for Academic Success

1.) When you reach the end of part 1 in your exam, you must stop. Please contact the proctor in the chat and let them know that you have come to the end of your test:

2.) After notifying the proctor, you should now click on  ‘continue’.

3.) Next, you must click on ‘finish’ in order to complete the first part of the test:

4.) This will take you automatically back to the login page.

*DO NOT enter the login again until you are ready to take the second part of the test which will be at another time. If you do enter your details here, they will not work when you come to do part 2 of your exam.

ProctorU know that students are booking their tests in 2 parts. The proctor should not ask you to launch part 2. However, if this does happen, do not enter your details and confirm with the proctor that you are doing part 2 at a later time.

 If you finish part 1 early and have some time left, you cannot use this time in part 2. Please do not proceed to part 2 under any circumstances.

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