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I've completed my activity but there is no tick, what should I do?

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A tick will appear next to the activity when you have completed all interactive sections.

If there isn’t a tick displayed, please go back into the activity and make sure you have completed all tasks. For example, if there are videos in the activity, please make sure you have watched these until the end and the playback has fully finished.

If you think you have completed an activity, but there is no tick displayed, please follow these steps. 

Open your Grades by clicking on this iconand check to see if there is a grade percentage:

If there is a grade, then you have nothing to worry about and your teacher can see your progress.

If you think that the grade is too low, you might not have completed all parts of the activity. In this instance you could re-open it and attempt to complete the missing parts.

This video demonstrates how to complete activities:

Completing Activities in Brightspace

Video link here:

If you complete the previous step and are still not receiving a tick, contact your teacher and explain that you are unable to gain a tick from completing the activity. Your teacher will then take note of this and no further action will be required.

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