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How do I find my virtual classroom?

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There are two ways to navigate to your virtual classroom. For both ways, you will need to start by getting to your course homepage. 

When you log in, you see your site homepage. From here, you should select your course from the course panel: 

Once you are on your course homepage, select the drop down on your nav bar:

Then select ‘virtual classroom’. This will allow you to access the live lessons instantly, without going into your course content:


From this view you will be able to see a list of all your planned live lessons, as well as any recordings of previous lessons. 

You can select the ‘action’ icon to enter the lesson: 

There are a few things to take note of on this screen:

You can access this same screen by going into your course content and selecting your live lesson through your learning path on the left-hand side:


Once you are in your course content, select the day you want to access, and then the live lesson within your activities:

Once you select your lesson, you will arrive at the same lobby area as in the previously described navigation. 

From here, you would select ‘Enter Meeting When Started' : 


Entering Your Live Lessons 

Once you have found your live lesson – you can select to enter the meeting room. When you enter the room, you will see a pop up asking you how you would like to join in the audio. 

You should select ‘microphone’:

You may get a pop up on your computer which asks you to allow bongo to access your microphone. 

You should select ‘allow’:

You will then be asked to perform a microphone test by speaking and testing if you can hear the audio. This is private, and no-one else in the classroom will hear this. Once you have

completed the test, you should select ‘yes’. 

There is also an option to view the audio settings if you have any trouble.

Once you select ‘yes’ – you will be taken into the live lesson and will be able to see and hear your fellow classmates and your teacher. 


It is important you understand the functionality within your live lesson platform. Review the materials below and take some time to understand what each function does:


How to Interact in Your Lessons

You are expected to actively engage in your live lessons. There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Make sure you come prepared knowing what the plan for the lesson is and have completed your e-learning beforehand. 
  • Engage in any discussions using the chat function. 
  • Turn on your audio and your video to allow people to see and hear you during any discussions.
  • Ask questions – do not be afraid to ask your teacher for clarification if you need it. It will benefit the whole group. 
  • Have fun – these sessions are designed to be interactive and will provide you with time to get to know your teacher and classmates better. 


Thank you for reading through this documentation. 

Please make sure to watch the accompanying videos for a step-by-step guide of these processes. Click >here< to open the video.

For any additional guidance, contact  

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