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How do I see my timetable?

  • INTO London
  • INTO Manchester
  • INTO Queens University Belfast
  • INTO University of Stirling
  • INTO City, University of London

This article is only for students at INTO Manchester, INTO Queens University Belfast, INTO London and INTO Stirling. 

  1. How do I register my timetable account?
  2. How do I access my timetable?
  3. Understanding my timetable
  4. How do I install my timetable on my device?
  5. What if I forget my password?
  6. How do I get help?


Please look in your INTO student email inbox for an email sent from <intoconnect @>. The title will be "Please register your account":

If you have received an email to register your account you can continue with this guide 

*PLEASE NOTE: You must first register your account before you can re-set your password

Below is a video version of the guide:

1.) How do I register my timetable account?

Open your student email inbox and look for an email titled Please register your account.

Start by clicking the Registration Link in the email: 

The INTO Connect registration page will then load in your web browser. Click the button LOGIN WITH STUDENT ACCOUNT to start the registration process:

  • Choose a password and enter it twice
  • The password must contain at least one non-letter / number character (for example ! or *)
  • Your password must also contain at least one lowercase letter

Click Register when you have entered the password twice and your timetable should open. 

The next time you access your timetable, always click the STUDENT LOGIN button:

Now you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email sent from <intoconnect @> The title will be "You’ve successfully registered your account.":

You should save this link in your browser to access your timetable in future!!

Please do not click the registration link again after you have registered!!

2.) How do I access my timetable?

The timetable will load after you have registered your account. You will also receive a confirmation email and it is a good idea to bookmark the link in the email *do not click the registration link again. 

The timetable will look like this:

At the top of the screen you will notice the navigation buttons which can be used to change the view to month, week or day. Below these are the arrow (< >) buttons which you can use to scroll backwards / forwards. In the grid below are your sessions (lessons):

3.) Understanding my timetable

Your timetable will follow a colour coded system:

To discuss your attendance please talk to your teacher, personal tutor, or to request an absence is authorised please contact your academic support team. They are responsible for managing your absences.

4.) How do I install my timetable on my device?

Instead of opening your personal timetable in your web-browser, it is possible to install it on your desktop or mobile device, so it can open as an app. From the timetable in your browser, look for a button in the url address bar, like this:

Next, click the Install button on your browser:

INTO Connect will then appear in your apps list in the start menu (Windows):

Or in the apps list (Mac):

If you want to install this app on your Android mobile device, please follow these instructions: Use progressive web apps - Computer - Google Chrome Help 

And to install it on your iOS device, please login to the timetable in Safari then add it to your Home Screen.

5.) What if I forget my password?

If you registered your account and have forgotten your password, or if you are having any problems, try resetting your password. 

You must have registered your account before you can reset your password!

At the login screen, click the Student Login button:

Next, click where it says, I FORGOT MY PASSWORD:

With your INTO email carefully entered, click the, Retrieve Password button: 

Finally, check your email inbox for the email titled, Reset Password. In the body of the email, click the 'here' link:

You will then go through the registration password steps from earlier in the guide.

6.)How do I get help?

Before you ask for help, please see if you can resolve your issue by yourself. 

Saved details can occasionally corrupt so the best way to gain access is to delete the history in your browser (or use a different browser) and manually try logging in without clicking any saved bookmarks:

  1. Delete the history in your browser
  2. Type the web address (see below)
  3. Manually type your email (do not allow it to auto-fill)
  4. Manually type your password

If this does not work please try resetting your password (Step 5). If your account is locked for 5 minutes you can change your password, but you will have to wait 5 minutes until you try again.

If you are seeing any error messages: 

  • "Your account is not recognised": have you registered your account yet? If not, look for the registration email in your student inbox
  • "You do not have permission to access this organisation": please check the url address you are using (see below)
  • "All possible login methods have been associated with your account": you have already registered your account. Do not click the registration link again
  • "Your account has been locked...": this will happen after 5 failed attempts to login. Your account will be locked for 5 minutes even if you reset your password. Please wait for 5 minutes and try again:

If you see the error, "you do not have permission to access this organisation", make sure you are using the correct web address (url). 

Please confirm you are using this URL for your centre and save it to your browser:

If you require any help please see your Academic Support Team or open a ticket. You can do this here: 

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