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How do I submit a video assignment in Bongo?

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Your Bongo Assignments will look like the below screen:

This screen contains the Time until due (with the actual due date and time below it, Instructions (remember to read these carefully), and a button to add your files (and record video), and the Submissions area. 

This example is a speaking assessment so you will be expected to upload a video. 

Click ‘Add…’, and you will see the options above, then select ‘Video’ and you will see the following screen:

This gives you the option to record a video (including your webcam or phone camera, and you can also capture your screen). Alternatively, you can upload a video you have already made in another application.

Brightspace will take a moment to process the video. When the video has been successfully uploaded, the screen will change to the one below:

In the menu accessed from the 3 dots at the end of the row next to the video highlighted in yellow above, you will see the option to ‘Add to Submission’. 

The menu will look like the screenshot below:

Select ‘Add to Submission’ and your file will appear in the Submission area:

You are now able to press the Submit button. You will be asked to confirm your submission:

When you have submitted your video, the screen will change to the below:


It has not yet been graded, and you have not received any Peer Reviews (if this is enabled).

When your Teacher has graded your assignment, it will look like the screen below:

Please see this video >here< which also looks at how to submit a video assignment.

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