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I have issues hearing the teacher and other students and/or viewing the screen.

  • INTO City, University of London
  • INTO London
  • INTO Manchester
  • INTO Newcastle University
  • INTO Queens University Belfast
  • INTO University of East Anglia
  • INTO University of Exeter
  • INTO University of Stirling
  • Newcastle University London

To avoid this issue, take steps to prepare your online learning environment before the lesson.  

You could check that you have a strong internet connection, with a speed of at least 2-3Mbps, using this website's service

Close out other tabs, windows, and applications.  

Please visit the pages here and check the article against the system you will be using on your course:

If you are still experiencing issues in your class and cannot hear the teacher, other students or having problems viewing the screen please inform your teacher so they are aware.  

Try to open the page with the link to the class / activity in a different browser or incognito mode:

Incognito Mode - Chrome Private Window - Firefox

Finally, you could also try restarting your computer.

After the class, you can then raise a ticket or open a chat session to speak to a member of staff at INTO:

As well as technical issues, there are lots of non-technical problems you can prevent with simple steps, so you have a positive learning experience on your course!  

Please visit this article to adopt good techniques for online learning:

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