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INTO Manchester - System Requirements

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To help you have best possible experience and are ready to study, make sure your computer and internet connection meet all minimum system requirements whether you are studying online, or on campus.

All students are required to have access to the following IT equipment to access their Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and participate in their course:

  1. A personal computer
  2. An internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to allow video streaming
  3. An image scanning device, such as a mobile phone, for the purposes of scanning in written course work
  4. A microphone and webcam

Check your internet

  • Use a service such as to check your internet speed
  • The minimum system requirements can be found below, but for the best experience we recommend a reliable and consistent connection with a download speed of 5Mbps and and upload speed of 2Mbps
  • If your internet is slow or not consistent see our top tips for internet connectivity

Check your device and browser

  • We recommend using a desktop or laptop computer for online learning, especially for live lessons
  • Your device and browser should be kept up to date so they are secure and compatible with your online learning tools
  • Your browser should have cookies and popups enabled for all the systems you will use as a student
  • For advice on keeping your device or browsers up to date please see here

Check the INTO Manchester minimum system requirements*

Academic English:

  • If you are studying INTO Online Academic English, click here*

Virtual Learning Environment:

Virtual Classrooms:

please note for some subjects extra systems may be used with additional requirements.

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