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Top Tips for Internet Connectivity

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If you have a slow internet connection, or it is sometimes good or bad, here are our top tips to make the most out of your internet connection:

  • Try to make sure you are on a private network, ideally at home. Public networks like coffee shops normally have slow internet, especially if they are busy!
  • If possible try to use a wired connection, rather than WiFi
  • If you are using WiFi then make sure you are as close to the router as possible
  • Close all the programmes, applications, and web pages that you are not using for learning. The more things your computer is trying to run the slower it will be for your lessons.
  • If your phone, or any other devices, are on the same network try putting them in Airplane Mode
  • If there are other people in your house, see if you can ask them to stop using the internet during live classes. Especially if they are doing things like streaming video, making video calls, or online gaming.
  • None of our systems require a VPN to work, but if you have one you can try and see if it helps or if you are already using one then try turning it off. Please note that some systems may not work if you connect with a VPN.

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