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How do I prepare for my reading and listening exams?

  • INTO City, University of London
  • INTO London
  • INTO Manchester
  • INTO Queens University Belfast

If you are taking your summative reading and listening exams, you will be proctored by Integrity Advocate.  Please watch this video to familiarise yourself with the rules and process:

To summarise, please ensure all these steps successfully apply to you:

  1. Make sure you have a working webcam and microphone
  2. Follow the test rules:
    1. There is no one in the room with you
    2. That you are concentrating on the screen
    3. Stay in the frame of your webcam
  3. Make sure you have a strong and stable wi-fi internet connection
  4. Close all other programmes and tabs on your browser
  5. Make sure you have no other resources (such as open books) on your desk
  6. Make sure the background is clear for your webcam, and your chair is comfortable
  7. Have your government accepted ID to hand 

You will enter your exam in Brightspace by clicking the icon in your course content, your teacher will confirm where this is:

Scroll down the Summary and instructions for the exam. You only have one attempt at your exam so please read the instructions carefully:

Only click ‘Start Quiz!’ when you are ready:

 Before you enter your exam, the Integrity Advocate authentication process will begin.   You must click continue and have your photo ID available:

Read the privacy policy and click the tickbox to confirm once you have done so:

Next, allow permission for Advocate Integrity to use your webcam:

Centre your head in the green oval and click continue when are ready – you will be able to retake it:   

Hold your government accepted ID card up to the webcam and click Take Photo when ready.  Make sure your name and information is clear then submit the phoho.: 

You will then see the rules for the exam, Please note! You could be disqualified if you do not stick to the rules, so make sure you understand them:

You will then enter the exam environment.  You will see the timer counting down how long is left of your exam.   You will also see a small image from your webcam.  You must stay in frame, and if the circle changes red, please quickly re-centre yourself in the middle of the circle: 


 If you have time after working through the questions, you could review your answers before clicking submit:


When you have finished your exam will be marked by your teacher and you’ll see the progress on your homepage.

If you have any questions please ask your teacher.  

You can Report a problem using this portal which will be sent to the team and someone will respond to you as soon as possible.

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